Keeping Scene Properties when reloading model

I hope this is an easy fix. I have my master model and all my subordinate models with the master model loaded into them. There are several scenes in each of the subordinate models with groups hidden. When I reload my master model into the subordinate models the scenes change and the hidden objects are now visible. Very frustrating. Is there a way to keep the scene properties from changing when the master model is reloaded? Thank you.

You are reloading the master model as a component? I’m curious how this could change the scene properties. Can it be your master file has tags that are not in accordance with your scene setups?

You would perhaps get more consistent results if you put the objects you want to keep hidden on a tag instead of hiding them individually.
Your workflow sounds a bit backward to me. Usually subordinate models are placed as components into the master model. That keeps the working models lean and clean. But if this works for you better, keep to it.

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Yes, reloading the master model as a component. Master model and subordinate models have same tags. I am hiding groups inside of the tags. I might have multiple components, groups, and sub-groups inside each tag. Pretty sure that is good structure from what I have learned. Should I have only certain “Properties to save” boxes checked in the subordinate model scenes?

Thanks for the suggestion, but not a viable option as I would have 10 times the number tags if I put everything on its own tag. Too many combinations.

Please post the models so we can look at them.

Mid-Century_House.skp (8.4 MB)

Subordinate model with component of master model is too large to upload. Suggestions?

I use the workflow that Nick Sonders uses and shows in his books. So I guess if the king of Sketchup architectural design is backwards then I will follow him in a backward fashion.

Put it on dropbox or another file sharing site and provide a link.

Scenes can only remember ‘toplevel’ hidden objects, inserted files are actually components, changing visibility of nested objects will actually redefine the definition, like hiding edges of two (object) walls as if they where merged as one.
The ‘Hidden Geometry’ and ‘Hidden Objects’ property of scenes have no control over them, It’s the definition that rules.

Here’s the link to the files in Dropbox. Thanks.

Would you have a recommendation for an alternative workflow that would not require everything to be on its own tag? Thanks.

You can put multiple items on one tag, a whole floor if you wish. Or with 2021 you can have a master tag folder with several tags in it.

Thanks to all of you. Your suggestions and help kicked in my creative thinking and I got a plan figured out that will work for me.