Keep losing Inference direction

Hi, would like to know if anyone experiences an issue when everything stops locking to an inference direction. Anything i move & even measuring tool will not lock to red, green or blue until i save, close & reopen. Might work fine for a week or so but problem always returns! Any help appreciated.

By the sound of it, it might be related to your graphic, card :grinning:

Most likely, a Windows-Update, bringing your laptop in ‘energy-saving’ mode. You gotta make sure that SketchUp uses your dedicated 3D-Video card (as stated in your profile)
In SKetchUp, check Window->Preferences->OpenGL->Graphic Card Details

what card is used?

Try to get the latest driver for that card:

install (Rightclick and choose ‘run as administrator’)

Rightclick on an empty spot on your Desktop and choose NVIDIA-settings.

In the 3D settings, add SketchUp to the programs that need to use the powerfull Videocard

Thanks Mike, have dedicated high performance to SU & all looks good… fingers crossed. Appreciated!

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Problem persisting if anyone can help?