Keep getting bugplats every 5 minutes. On a big project I need to finish today. Help please!

Latest crash #311593

You are using Sonoma?
That crashed every few minutes for me… I rolled back to Ventura.

Have you sent the bugsplats with your mail?
It helps to the development team to identify the bug and fix it for the next update or release.

Yes, thought it might be. It seemed ok for a while but the splats have got more frequent. I’ll go back to Ventura. Yes i’ve sent the bugsplats to dev team also.

Have you installed a plugin recently?

Yes I bought a fredo spline license and added that recently. Do you think that might be it? If I disable the plugin will that show if it is the cause or not? Thanks

You can try disabling all plugins. It didn’t work for me, maybe it will work…

Just disabled all plugins and still got a bugplat

It must be Sonoma then, sometimes a plugin can cause crashes, in 2021 Clothworks was causing crashes in my m1 MacBook cause it wasn’t optimized yet to run on apple silicon chips back then, I had to uninstall it, now it works fine and causes no crashes by the way.

Do you have autosave set to 5min? Sometimes the autosave can clash with something.

It was at five minutes, i’ve changed it to one minute. Not noticing any difference.

My point was more along the lines of, turn off autosave and save manually at appropriate times and see if that stops the splats.

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Ah ok. I turned off autosave and it’s still crashing. Reverting to Ventura is also proving not really to be an option as I don’t have a suitably recent backup

I wrote about this elsewhere. 2022 will crash in Sonoma some time after any save you do, but not after auto save. You can turn auto save back on, so that if a crash happens you get your most recent changes. Then, occasionally do a save, and close, reopen SketchUp, to carry on with new changes.

Or, you could use SketchUp 2023. That does also crash in Sonoma, but should only crash the first time after you do a save.

Hi there, i’m using the Pro 2023 and it keeps on crashing and sometimes it shows (Failed to save dump error 183) and i believe i’m having a selection problem while working, i select an object but another one will be selected… any idea?? @colin

Please upload the model so it can be examined so the cause(s) can be found.

@maryam1 :
After uploading your file.
While you are waiting for an answer, please update your forum profile.
It helps us helping you!

Do you ever get a bugsplat window? If you do, can you send one in?

Put your e-mail address and name in the fields of the Bug Splat window and send the report so Colin can look at it and see what it says.

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