K_tools 6.1 with new functions

Bored by corona i implemented two new functions to my toolset k_tools:

  • conic sections: Define five points and let k_tools draw an ellipse, a hyperbola or a parabola.
  • implicit curves: Let sketchup draw graphs by formulas like x*y+sin(x+y)-10=0

k_tools is working with Sketchup Versions 2016 up to 2021 (english language selected).
k_tools draws curves and surfaces from mathematical formulas, rounds corners, draws inner and outer circles of triangles and provides some other tools like Inverse Distance Weighting (IDW), Radial Basis Functions (RBF) and Ordinary Kriging (OK) for surface generation.

You will find more information, tutorial and free files here:

In beside to all my respect for your work, after a quick check of your code I would like to warn you and others that this code is potentially could conflict with other plugins/extensions since:

  • You need to properly namespace your code. In SketchUp Ruby, all code is loaded into a single space. If you don’t wrap your own code into your own module names, there is a very real chance that you will break someone else’s code, or that they will break yours.
  • You are using global variables (start with $) which also source of highest potential of conflicts.
  • The installation method is unusual.

(You can e.g. start to learn it from here: https://developer.sketchup.com/hello-cube )