K-12 Education Grants programme - errors on representative list?

I filed a support ticket on 4th December with SketchUp regarding this but other than an automated acknowledgement I’ve had no reply.

On the page https://www.sketchup.com/education/grants when you select “Any” from the dropdown, you get a list of representatives to contact for the free K-12 Education License Grant version of SketchUp. We’ve been using this version for a number of years now but it seems our SketchUp 2018 license has prematurely expired (the documentation we have says it should have been good till November 2020 but our users are reporting expiry error messages).

I’ve tried to contact the listed representative for Great Britain, which is “The ICT Service” however they have advised they no longer administer this programme, and tried to direct us towards a paid SketchUp reseller.

Please can you advise who the new representative for Great Britain is for the K-12 License Grant programme? As we urgently need to update our software and licenses.

Dan Jackson (Senior ITServices Technician)
Long Road Sixth Form College
Cambridge, UK.

Well it is 2:30AM Mountain Time in Boulder CO now. Work week doesn’t begin for almost 6 hours.

The support ticket was put in on 4th December and since then we’ve heard nothing apart from an automated acknowledgement.

The K-12 is, to my knowledge, only applicable in the USA, Canada and Australia. Even if you did get it through one of the representatives, contacting the general support in Boulder would redirect to the representative which provided it to you.

It might be that you have aquired it, locally, through a Reseller or Partner of SketchUp.
Educational licenses are usually 1-year valid, but if you have a networked license, only one version can be active. So it might be that users have activated the new 2019 version earlier this year, which would have started the ‘Grace period’ of 60-days in which both versions may be used.

If that period ends, the 2018 versions will no longer work.

So it really goes down to what product you have.

here is an overview:

If the programme is only applicable to those areas, then why are there Great Britain representatives listed on the SketchUp K-12 Education Grants page at all? (see original post for link, the forum is saying I can’t post it again).

Also our end users do not have administrative permissions, so no-one has SketchUp 2019 installed anywhere (as we don’t have a licence for it).

Finally, we did not acquire it through a reseller, it was legitimately acquired through the Education Grant programme through “The ICT Service” who are listed as the official license grant representative for Great Britain. However on contacting them this year I have been advised they are no longer fulfilling this function, so I just need to find out who the new representative for Great Britain is.

Then, contact one that’s located in UK, perhaps, as suggested earlier. To my knowledge, all SketchUp licenses work the same, though, Educational or Commercial, accept for the expiring dates.

The only other UK representative is specific to West Berkshire. I’m located in Cambridgeshire so they do not cover my region. This is why I am trying to get in contact with SketchUp to find out who is replacing “The ICT Service” as the representative.