Just renewed and downloaded SU2023 - it crashes

… it crashes to Desktop

I recently bought some fruit home that I think I may have had before and… FFS the Banana was almost all bruised.

I’m trying to say, you have been a member her since 2017 so you should be able to tell us a bit more about your problem.

What is there to tell?
I select the SketchUp Icon on my desktop, get the Welcome to SketchUp window, click Start Modelling, then either I click on the Create New Model template or Select a File, whichever I choose I get a white screen for 2/3 seconds then I’m switched back to Desktop.

Well that is a lot more than you told us to begin with.

I’m going to guess that you haven’t updated your profile in quite some time, which is the thing that actually helps us help you.
So, from what little is there I would say you need to update your graphic card drivers directly from Nvidia. That may allow you to run a newer version of the software on your computer than the one you may or may not have in your profile.

Other than that we need more info.

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I have seen those things, and for me it turned out to be a Space Mouse driver issue. Do you use space Mouse?

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