Just for the heck of it


While I had some off time I modeled and rendered my kitchen.
As Rod Serling might say “Submitted for Your Approval” or not. :wink:
I did grab a few things from the warehouse, but I did probably 90% of it.


Impressive. Desperately needs that chicken though.


You’re not the first person that has suggested that. That will be my next goal! But thank you eric-s!


Wow! Your render is amazing!
stamp of approval


Thank you Forestr.


Nice! What rendering plugin are you using?


Very nice! I usually prefer side panels for refrigerators too. Photograph the real one in HDR and you can get an even closer match in look.


Thanks, and iRenderXT.


Interesting observation on the refrigerator panel. I did model it that way, but I built the kitchen with only one on the outside.

Actually, I re-built the kitchen from cabinets I got from a re-model I’d done and only had one refrigerator panel. I did have to buy six more cabinets to fill it out though. I did do the design in SU.

I’ve seen some of your tutorial posts. But I’ll have to look back because of your “Photograph the real one in HD” comment. I’m not familiar with that technique. As you speaking of your photomatch to PS style?
And thank you.


Oh, so the SU model came first and then you built what’s in the photo? I really do like relating SU models to the real world final results lest we forget what this tool is really for in the first place.

HDR photography has really grown on me in recent years. I use Photomatix Pro 6, but there are a lot of other apps. In a recent professional photoshoot, I ended up leaving all my flash equipment at home and doing it all with HDR. So, with HDR, the totally burned out whites with direct sunshine can be brought back with some detail while at the same time, you can see better detail in the shadows. The rendering already achieved that.

Here are a couple examples from a couple years ago:

A kitchen interior, and yet the sunlit exterior isn’t all burned out:

Same with the sunroom:

(I haven’t posted a gallery with the newer shoot)


Sorry I miss understood you. I am familiar with HDR. I thought you were talking about photomatching my image to the model.

My wife and I had a fairly busy photography studio, until our real jobs got in the way. But mostly we shot faeries.


Oh, I see. So you know what I mean that if the contrast and tonal range of the photo more closely matched the rendering the comparison would be even more striking.

From past experience, I haven’t had much success trying to Match Photo with a one point perspective like this. Would love better tools for this instance.

Nice studio work. And Photoshop?


Yes, CS6 with Mystical by auto fx.

And RT your photos look great! Did you use stack them?


They’re both 3 exposure brackets processed in Photomatix Pro6. The sunroom had one picture with a garbage truck driving by, and the software eliminated it with the motion correction settings.


Outstanding work. How long did it take you?


@pascallabillois23, that’s a good question that I couldn’t begin to answer. I modeled the building shortly after I bought it in 2009. I modeled the kitchen very roughly (boxes instead of cabinets, and appliances), and built it. Then last year, after a 5-year project, I went back to it for fun. And modeled nearly everything from scratch. Honestly, I probably played with it for over a month. The fruit bowl took me three days!



But thank you very much for your comment!


Something to be extremely proud of. You inspire me. Thank you.


Nice! I’ve never gone to such detail. Are there some other graphics that didn’t quite upload or display right in this post?


@RTCool, yes there was one that didn’t. I wasn’t worried about it.

Occasionally my wife and I shot things other than faeries.

Oh, and that modeling and render was just for fun, no way I would have taken the time to do that for a client! :wink:

I think this was shot with an ND filter and a Canon EF 16-35mm F2.8L. What do you shoot with?


Real nice! My current best body is a Nikon D7100 with Tokina 12-24mm that’s still hanging in there since 2004.

For just walking around, I love my Panasonic LX100. It’s all I brought with me to California for 3D Basecamp.