Just discovered Scale tool

Reading through some other posts I saw some descriptions and GIFs about the Scale tool. WOW. That is awesome. Seems so much easier than push/pull although both have their place.

I did notice several people comment that they don’t like it as much as Push/Pull. Curious to hear what the disadvantages are.

I suggest hat you read the help about each of these tools.

Observe the messages that appear in the status bar, just below the modelling window. You can learn a lot there.

Also, open the Instructor Window (IW) and read what these tools can do. When you have read enough, simply close the window.

At the very bottom of the IW you find a direct access to the help for the tool. You may have to scroll down since the IW often exceed the monitor vertical size.

Finally, take a good look at all the instructional videos on YouTube. Search with SketchUp Scale Tool and SketchUp Push/Pull Tool.

Are you talking about the measurement Tape tool, shortcut T, or scale tool shortcut S? Push/pull tool is completely different to both of them anyways. Just be aware that the Scale tool will deform the geometry and it could cause some problems specially if you’re modeling pieces that must be precisely done.

Try scaling a frame and panel door or an apron with tenons on a table or change the height of a bookcase with Scale.