Just did the latest update (Version 24.0.554) and my latest saved model is no longer there

Hi all, it appear that fallowing the latest update, my latest version of a complex model has vanished, i dont know how to retrieve a lost model? does anyone has advise for me? Thanks

Where were you saving the file when you last worked on it?

In my computer, in a file called sketchup. olders version (incomplete ) of my model are there. I will look on my ipad to see if that if that model is there. ( didn’t update pad yet)

Updating the SketchUp application should not do anything to the models you have created.

It is on my pad, so I recover from there

And to clarify: When you install anew version of desktop SketchUp, the startup screen will not show the models you had last opened with the previous version in the Recent files list, but the files will remain untouched on your disk as you last saved them. The “Open File” button will let you navigate to them.
I understand that if you remove the SketchUp Go application from an iPad before installing a newer version, the removal takes with it the models you have saved locally on your iPad.

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