Just another Unexpected File Format

Hello, I have model that I was hoping someone could help fix for me. I’ve gotten the dreaded “Unexpected File Format” on the only version of a file I have. I do not have an skb for it.
If someone could help me get it working I would greatly appreciate it.

Is there anyone who can help me? 18 days without ANY response? I’ve been a Sketchup user since the beginning!

As a user of SketchUp Make there is no entitlement to support however @colin might have a look at your file and see if it’s possible to recover anything. You will need to reupload the file. the one you uploaded has since been deleted. There’s no way at all that Colin will be able to help you without the .skp file.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2017 Free(web). There is no such thing. Please correct your profile. It’s either SketchUp 2017 Make or SketchUp Free (web) without a year.

Don’t know why this post hadn’t been answered when you first posted it. Can you renew the link for your file?

@colin Thank you for taking the time to help!

The link still shows as deleted. You may need to share the file again.

This file has the materials and components recovered, but nothing shows in the scene:

Hopefully you can rebuild some of it by dragging things from the Components panel.

Thank you @colin for you time. I only got a single useful component. Again I thank you for your effort and time. I’ve been saving to a network drive since Sketchup 6 and never had a problem till now. Now I store locally and sync back to the network.

Was that the only component in your model originally? Looks like there’s more than one component to me.

Sounds like you should have been buying lottery tickets. :slight_smile:

Those comps combine together to form one small sentry gun on a massive half mile wide space station. There is definitely missing data. Bulkheads, windows, docks, robotic arms, etc.

Was the missing stuff groups instead of components?

That’s a possibility, but I’ve typically do a good job “comping out” pieces. A lot of my models span thousands of feet so exact component replication is key to making the model usable.

At least this isn’t a professional work. I consider what I do an art. I can deal with the hurt feelings and I can rebuild.

I also learned a lesson in not saving to a network drive so I am very happy this only happened once.


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I have seen a few, admittedly rare, cases where SketchUp crashed with a Bug Splat that resulted in the model space being entirely emptied of contents. All loose geometry and groups were lost but the In Model components were still available in the Components panel. A few years ago I worked with two different people who had this happen in the same week. One of them had about 50% components; the rest groups. He only had to rebuild half his model. The other one used only groups and had nothing left after the crash. Both switched to using components only.

Good luck.

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