Just a little problem i having with tracing blueprints

im rookie in sketchup

Well basically i’m one of those makers that traces blueprints and brings them to 3d life

Mostly cars anyway

its this im tracing one view and transferring them to the other like these are correct positions of lines (the windshield zone)

but no matter position I do of the blueprints and even sizing them correctly something like this happens (this picture presents what my problem is.

I mean you can tell by the hood zone its correctly aligned with all 3 views.

so how do I solve this problem?

Many “Blueprints” you find on the internet isn’t really Blueprints - they are illustrations that actually has some perspective to them. So for frontal views the roof often appear smaller than they would really be had the drawing been true orthogonal projections.

From the screenshot it looks like the drawing is what you get when you buy plastic model kits - and these are nice for referencing major features, but they are notoriously inaccurate in my experience.

Often the blueprints server only as guides - and you need to make qualified estimations based on all the views you have, and a good set of reference photos. Some times data sheets for the vehicle can help you dial in the dimensions.

For reference - this is a project where I have the same issue as you describe:

But I line them up as best as I can - using data from the vehicles’s data sheet to dial in the major dimensions. Then I keep a collection of photos which I use as reference. When I have the chance I even go an photograph my own photos to ensure I get close up of details I need. Often photos on the internet doesn’t include every angle needed because it’s doesn’t produce a nice looking photo.

ok I can see that the front and the back are not really accurate, if that’s where you going at anyway

I mean yea next to barely any blueprints are accurate

so what your saying is (which I think is) I should just ignore the inaccuracy of the front/other views sometimes

is that where your going at?

Yea, unless you can get hold of true orthogonality projected blueprints you need to fill in yourself for the inaccurate data.

ok thank you it work like a charm I ignored it and went estimate spots and it looks much more accurate