Joining Lines together to fill the area

How do I join lines together on an object or a letter I have imported so I can fill it with a color?

Can you perhaps share your model or screenshot to better describe your problem?

Hi tonythe tiger, hi folka.

The object may be composed of only a perimeter without a face.

If the object’s edges form a continuous perimeter and are coplanar, redrawing any edge shall fill the shape.

If no face appears there is a gap somewhere or the edges are not coplanar.

As suggested by Joseph, post your model here.

Just ideas.


Oval Top Die.skp (1.2 MB)

try now? All the letters’ surface now should be separate from the rest of the face.

Oval Top Die_edit.skp (1.3 MB)

When the letters are exploded, they often need a bit of a fix.
The way to do that is:

Select all the edges of the letters
paste in place

Then SketchUp should “heal” the surfaces which will end of separating the faces.