Jet Trails with cursor

I had to replace my 2015 MacBook Pro as its screen died. I purchased a new 14" 2022 MacBook Pro with all the bells and whistles it has the new M1 Pro Processor and 16 GB of RAM. I was told that this machine would fly through everything I am throwing at it, but my biggest issue is illustrated with the attached file. When I select something and go to move it or when I am trying to figure out a dimension of working on the geometry within the model I get these dots following my cursor. It is really annoying. Sometimes I get lines following the cursor. Its like jet trails but to me this is a big issue.

Can someone look at this ASAP and get back to me?

Typically this is a graphics drivers thing. You could try going into SketchUp’s Preferences OpenGL and changing the state of the tick box for UseFast Feedback. That often helps.