IvyCAD, 2D drawing companion for tablets

Hello everyone,
long story short: I was looking for a quick tool to “trace” paths over bitmap images AND doing it over the sofa in the evening :slightly_smiling_face:
…so I made up this application to allow me completing the task,
the goal was to make this application as quick, intuitive and handy as I could,
and while coding I kept adding more features to make it more complete and powerful, it’s now almost a (very basic) 2D CAD.
It natively exports to DXF so you can easily import your files into Sketchup Pro (and I think there are extensions to import DXF files anyway).
Once imported into Sketchup, you can “create faces” filling your line drawings to easily pull up 3D walls, or intersect the lines where you need, or whatever. WIth features like “grid” and “snapping” I think it could be very comfortable to lay down simple floor plans. The app is meant to be used on a tablet with a stylus and “palm rejection” option enabled.

The package below contains both the Windows version (mostly for evaluation purposes) and the Android version, plus a very quick documentation PDF:

The fact the app is tagged “free” means it’s free for commercial and non-commercial use, and it also means there’s chance for a future paid version with many more features for a very small fee, but it depends on the interest it gathers and my available time (and my migraines :D).

Thank you for your attention and sorry in advance in case this is not the correct place to post this / not conform to forum policy / not relevant for anybody.

Note: if you are going to export for Sketchup make sure you tick the option “Export 0 thickness lines” in the “Settings” window, otherwise Sketchup will make “vertical faces” of “thickness” height.
Note2: (limitation) it won’t handle more than about 18000 segments

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Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

Hmmm, with a bit of work that could be turned into a feature.

Indeed, that’s true, I’ve been thinking about that too, that way you can easily have 3D geometry (well, DXF already has all it needs to output 3D geometry, but I wanted to keep the tool as simple and useable as possible so as of now I’ve sticked to 2D).
I would just need to allow more control over line thickness (as of now IvyCAD allows only integers 0-30) and maybe a better way to display it (or you couldn’t see “floating point” thickness differences). Finding a handy way to do that could turn it into an interesting feature.

Thanks for the suggestion! :slight_smile:

Made some testing yesterday, this is kinda nice for site building, here’s my little test results:

  1. add geo-location in sketchup (time: 2 min)
  2. save location snapshot texture in your pc/tablet
  3. trace path with IvyCAD over location snapshot (my time: 1h30 - while watching a movie on the sofa to be fair XD - it’s roughly 1500 lines) and save it
  4. import the resulting DXF in SketchUp
  5. scale it over the location snapshot to fit size (time: 3 min)
  6. doubleclick the imported DXF entity, select all lines and “generate faces” (time: 10 seconds)
  7. “drape” this DXF on the Location Terrain mesh
  8. use Fredo6 amazing extension “Joint Push Pull” to pull out roads, buildings etc. and paint them if needed (time: 30 min)

So here’s the result in about 2 hours total time:
(below the terrain you can see the draped DXF traced in IvyCAD)