It Almost Feels Like Cheating

I’ve been working on a woodworking plan project for the last couple of days. I sent it off to my editor yesterday got the edits today, made the changes and sent off the revisions within about 15 minutes.

Having used components for all of the parts I only needed to handle one instance of each definition in the model and knew they were all edited correctly. Thanks to TIG’s extension, all the labels with dimensions in the LO file were fixed with two clicks in SketchUp, and all of the dimensions in the LO file updated automatically to reflect the changes. The only way it could get any easier is if someone else did it for me.

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Hi Dave. What extension from Tig are you talking about. Lately I’ve been loosing the time to be updated on these things…

Thanks in advance.

Sorry. It’s called Component Descriptor. It was a thing he wrote for me. It’s available from Sketchucation. It fills the component description field and makes labels like these using LO’s Auto Text feature. There are various formatting options for it.