Issues with layer visibility in Fredo6 Animator Visual Effect

I’m having issues with layer visibility using Animator Visual Effects.

I have different text I want to display at different times in the animation. I’m using Set Layer visibility ON/OFF to turn off all the text layers except the one that has the text I want to show at that time.

It mostly works, but sometimes the layers display, even though the layer visibility is set to off in that visual effect. When I show the properties for the problematic visual effect, indeed the layer visibilities are set to off–yet the layers show. When I click the “OFF”, then click it again, the text disappears at it should. But it comes back once I exit the property and visual effector editor.

Is this a known issue in the animator Beta? If not, I’ll make a gif.

I paid more attention to the layer visibility tutorial this time and noticed the behavior when the duration of the visual effect is set to zero.

When I use zero duration, the visibility of the layers remains unchanged after the end of the effect. This eliminates the need for an effect which turns off all text layers.

The effect which turned off all the text layers was the one that was giving me trouble.

Still, if Fredo6 is interested, I’ll create a gif that shows the issue.

Pinging @Fredo6 explicitly.

I guess you sorted it out @davethomaspilot , but my suggestion was going to be to double-check that there are explicit view effects at all transition points in the timeline that enable the desired layers and disable the undesired layers. I don’t recall if I ever used Animator’s feature of a limited time duration; I got into the habit of being explicit for all layers at all transition points. I have made mistakes (or at least confused myself) where a visual effect was added that turns on layer X (without explicitly turning off layer Y, and later in the timeline is another effect that turns off layer X and turns on layer Y. Depending on how you scrub the timeline and start an animation generation, layer Y might be unintentionally on at the beginning (due to having been on by the effect further in the timeline which may have been recently viewed, but not explicitly turned off by the effect near the start of the timeline).

Thanks for the reply.

I did not explicitly specify visibility for all the layers in the visual effect, just the ones I wanted to change. The effect just turned off all the layers that had text on them. But, it didn’t work reliably.

In fact, when editing the properties of a visual effect, the visibility of objects will be consistent with the “ON” or “OFF” state in the menu that pops up when you click “Set Layer visibility ON/OFF”. But while the layers of interest were “OFF”, objects on those layers were visible. If I toggled from OFF to ON than back to OFF they would become non-visible. But, after exiting the visual effect editing menu, they objects would reappear.

I wanted to use that visual effect (turning off text layers) when I wanted to turn text off after it was displayed for a short time.

I think that was a bug, but I changed the way I was doing things when I noticed the visual effect works differently when it has zero duration (versus a time duration).

When there is a non-zero time duration, the layer visibility returns to what it was before the visual effect. But when the duration is set to zero, the layer visibility changes are applied and they remain in effect until layer changed by another visual effect.

As far as the apparent bug–when I get some time I’ll do a re-create and make a gif.