Issues with instant roof by Vali Architects

I bought the one year Instant roof, and i cant seem to make the kind of roof i want to.

Thats the look i want to get, that i drew myself but now im missing the resort of the roof can anyone help me ??

Thats as far as the plugin will get…

Have you asked the authors for help? That would be my first port of call.

Yes! But didn’t get an answer yet.

And it’s a weekend coming up… Sorry, I don’t think I can help further.

It looks like its having trouble connecting the hip roof with the tall gable.

Would a SketchUp “native” solution be of any help to you? It doesn’t look that complex to do.

Yes i could draw it myself but it annoys me that i bought the plugin to save time just to end up doing it myself again…

That plugin has been around for some time and have not seen any big issues but, could have missed them.
Why not post the skp file?
That makes trouble shooting much easier?

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