Issues with Camera API


I’m trying to write an importer that supports cameras and I ran into a few issues :
first, SUCameraGetClippingDistances seems to always return 1 and 1000 as near and far values.
Also, when using Sketchup, the frustum mesh visible in the “Camera_FOV_Volume” layer does not seem to match the actual camera frustum, for instance objects that are further than the frustum mesh far plane are still visible through the camera.

Another issue is that SUCameraGetCenter2D always return 0,0 even when SUCameraGet2D returns true. From what I understand, the two point perspective camera is a perspective projection with an oblique frustum and Center2D determines the obliqueness of the frustum, just like ‘lens shift’ on a physical camera, is that correct ?


Can you provide sample models and snippets to illustrate what you are observing and what you are expecting?


Thanks for the quick reply,

In the 2 following screenshots, the camera frustum displayed does not contain the cube mesh however it is visible when looking through the camera. I would expect it to be culled since it’s further than the zFar plane.


When I import the scene, SUCameraGetClippingDistances(cameraRef, &nearPlane, &farPlane); returns 1 and 1000. Those values seem to fit with the frustum shape but the issue here is that an object that is visible through the camera in sketchup will not be visible in the software I’m importing the scene in. So I’m not sure how to handle this. Any idea ?

As for the second issue with SUCameraGetCenter2D, it turns out I was wrong, the values are not 0,0 in the case of a two-point perspective camera. I guess I ran into some UX issue when using ACT and multiple cameras earlier.


I’m somewhat confused, are you talking about properties form the Advanced Camera Tools’ camera? Or the properties you are getting from SUCameraRef?