Issues w/ SU Free

I wiped my computer and literally haven’t installed anything on it. So I’m using SketchUp Free in Microsoft Edge.

I’ve got an Airstream trailer which I’m converting the inside of. I hid one of the wheels and now I can’t unhide it.

I turn on Hidden Geometry, select the wheel (a component) and right click. Context says Hide when the wheel is clearly hidden. So I press Hide, and nothing happens except the bounding box turns dashed. Right click>Unhide, reverts to its former state. Turn off Hidden Geometry, and poof!


What am I doing wrong? I’m fairly new to SketchUp Free.

Probably you hid the geometry inside the object. Open it for editing and unhide the contents. this isn’t unique to SketchUp Free, either.

Will try.

How do you respond soo fast? :laughing: :sleeping:

Boom! Thanks Dave.

It’s also freezing a lot. Any ideas?

Caravan home.skp (12.3 MB)

What’s a lot?

Might try a recommended browser like Chrome.

Every 20 secs or so, for about 5-10 secs.

After you wiped your computer did you go get the latest graphics drivers from the manufacturer and install them?

Good point Dave. I did not.

File uploaded in above post.

Maybe a combination of things. Browser, graphics driver, bloated SketchUp file.
Screenshot - 7_24_2021 , 12_19_39 PM
Almost 98% reduction in file size.
Caravan home purged.skp (317.6 KB)

There seem to be a lot of other inefficiencies in the the model that could be cleaned up further reducing file size and making it easier to work with. There are components that should be instances of the same definition–there’s really no reason for the tanks on the tongue of the trailer to be separate components. One of the wheels is a different component definition than the other three, windows that are identical are different component definitions…

Frankly, if I needed a model of this thing I would just start from scratch.

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I have been checked you original model with Edge, Chrome (and Desktop too) and I does not heve any issues, even without purging it.

There should be something on your computer. Maybe the system is still busy with updates in a background, or the graphic card does not get the best driver yet as Dave told…


Definetley the graphics could be an issue.
I purged like 3 times.
I got the Airstream off the 3DWH, and, as @dezmo instructed me, opened it in a separate model and cleaned it up.

Will update drivers and maybe start again.

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