Issues understanding grouping?

Hey, I’ve been working on a model for months now and I am still having issues with grouping witch I don’t understand.

In the model there is a lot of small wires that I need to duplicate all over the model. To do this, once I have drawn the wires I then create a component witch a can recall when using it later in the model. However a couple of these wires are a different length but the same width. When I try to edit the length of these wires it will also change the length of the other wires that are already how I want them.

I’ve tried to “make unique” but this doesn’t change anything. I’ve also tried making a new component from this component but it still seem to maintain properties from the original component. What’s the trick to making a copied object truly unique? Or do I really just have to re-model all of these tiny components with the new dimensions?

Thanks for any insight!

Sounds like you may have ‘nested’ something. Meaning you have a component instance inside another group/component. This can mean that when you make the outer component unique it isn’t making the inner component unique.
If you attach a model for us to look at we can be more specific.

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If your wires are simply geometric tubes, can you use Scale to stretch them?