Issues insert files SketchUp Pro

Hi, I’m having issues inserting files both on my MacBook and iPad, I have an existing floor plan in PDF that I want to insert so that I can’t start designing it. Can anyone help me with this? Maybe I’m doing something wrong… thank you

I’m not sure if iPad can import PDF, but your Mac should be able to. One thing to check on Mac is that the import dialog window has All Readable Files selected for the format. If the list of files is grayed out let me know, but try selecting the file to import anyway.

To import a PDF on an iPad, the easiest way is to first save it either to your Downloads folder or Files folder. From there, it can be imported into the compatible program of your choice. If that doesn’t work, the PDF file might be corrupted. The best way to see if it’s corrupted is to see what the file size is. If it says 0 then the original file needs to be reopened and the PDF re-exported.

Hope that helps!