Issues creating a golf club (driver)

Hi Folks, apologies in advance I am a new user of SketchUp. I’m trying to create a golf club - driver. It’s not exactly a circle in shape but it’s close looking from an aerial perspective, as you can see in the image, I’ve tried the follow me tool and the push-pull tool but I get some weird results… I’m a little lost in how to create a smooth clubhead.

Can I pick lines and get SketchUp to create a dome from those or how would I go about creating this model correctly. Thanks for your help.

With Curviloft plugin

With Scale

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Thank you so much. You make it look so easy!! I’m studying these now and downloading curviloft. Thanks for your time, I really appreciate the help.

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One more Q… did you find this software hard to install. I’ve downloaded the rbz file but it installing doesn’t seem so simple?

Sorry Cancel that I managed to get it installed. Thanks again

Can you tell me how I get the toolbar your using, I only seem to get all these options, and as there is no sound and the icons dont match Im struggling to find the tools you clicked on.

Did you restart SketchUp after installing the plugin?
Did you also install Dependencies: LibFredo6 8.6j or higher ?

View > Toolbar > Curviloft

I installed LibFredo6_v9.5c

When I open I get this?gqqq

One other Q, Mihai, what you did in those images vids you sent me is exactly what I need to learn how to do. The issue is that I am a novice. Would you be interested in walking me tru the steps with audio on exactly what you did? I would be happy to pay you for your time as I’d feel guilty about taking up too much of your time and I need to learn it. Even small things like shrinking one side of the circle, you make it look ver easy but Im not sure what I need to click on to do that… would you be interested / able to write me detailed notes for a fee?

I wrote and can be seen in the GIF - Curviloft - and I also added the direct link to it. Not Curvizard. :wink:

Oops, my bad, downloaded that now & figured how to move the circle… so Im getting there slowly… thanks for your help, much appreciated

You’re welcome!

What you are trying to draw now involves first knowing the basic tools in SketchUp. You try to skip some steps.
To get a better understanding, you can start from here:

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Thanks a million. Im defo trying to skip some steps but Im going to get into that link you sent me. I had thought myself some things before but nothing to do with curves. Can you tell me how you selected the circle and turned it yellow, did you turn it into an object or a group or something like that?

Ohh these links are awesome ty, I was finding youtube tutorials difficult to follow

With Scale tool

Thanks mate, your a legend :wink:

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