Issue with downloading models

I haven’t found an easy way to get models from 3D Warehouse into my library.

When you go to 3DW from SU, you are offered to download direct to your working file or elsewhere. If I try to navigate to my library using Mac’s Finder, I cannot get there as the path is not shown. The only way I can do it is by putting in the Download folder first and then transferring it. I guess there is probably a way to get it from your working file to the library but that too would be a double process. I don’t understand why you are not given a 3 way option to download: either to working file, library, or other, and for the system to “know” the path to the library automatically.

But maybe I am doing this all wrong and I just haven’t found the proper way to do it?

The user’s personal LIbrary folder, /Users/username/Library, (not the same as the system’s /Library) is by default hidden in modern versions of OS X (evidently the same protect-you-from-yourself attitude hit both Apple and Microsoft, as Windows also hides some user data folders by default). You can permanently unhide it by opening a Finder window, selecting your home folder, opening the Finder’s View menu and choosing “Show View Options”. The dialog that opens will have a check box to make the Library folder visible. That change will also make it visible in file open/save dialogs such as used by SketchUp.