Issue with Cut List When Using Pocket Holes

I am using the Sketchup 2017 Make and ran into the following issue. The output from Cut List was working fine until I added some pocket holes from a component I downloaded from 3D Warehouse. After doing so the pieces of sheet stock with the pocket holes no longer show up in the Cut List output. I thought that if I went into the component and exploded everything including the pocket hole components that it might fix the issue but no luck. Any info/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

The CutList extension only reports the lowest level components. When you added the pocket hole components inside your sheet stock components, the sheet stock components were no longer the lowest level components. You can explode the pocket hole components or have a set of the parts without the pocket holes or leave the pocket holes outside the sheet pieces components or leave the pocket holes out completely.

When I have to show pocket holes in a project as I did here, the “holes” are nothing more than ellipses on the surface pushed in very slightly. The only reason I push them in is so the ellipses don’t get treated as co-planar edges and erased when I cleanup the model.

I also limit the number of screws. No point in bloating the model with a bunch of unneeded geometry.
Screenshot - 8_11_2020 , 2_24_53 PM

I assume in your case you are doing this for your own use. Maybe you don’t really need to show pocket holes?

Thanks, Dave. I’m not sure what you mean by “leave the pocket holes outside the sheet”. I would like to show the pocket holes in the model, if possible, but it is not absolutely necessary. I was able to output the cut list info by just deleting all the pocket holes and just not save the file but that is just an extra few steps I would like to avoid it possible.

BTW, I was having an issue with putting a chamfer on the perimeter trim pieces of a project with the follow me tool. Because it was 4 separate pieces it wasn’t handling the corners of the longer outside 2 pieces. Google turned up an article from a few years back where you showed how to copy a line and place it outside the component, paste in place and do any necessary tracing, and then cut and pasted it back inside and intersect faces with selection. It worked great. Thanks for that.

I meant leave the pocket holes outside the sheet piece component so that the wood piece is still the lowest level.

Deleting is an option. Or as I suggested, explode the pocket hole components after you insert them.

I’ll ask a question because I’m curious. Is there any value added to your model or your project when you get to the shop by including the pocket hole geometry? I only add them in plans I do that others will build from like in the example above. That is a project I did for Saw Stop and it had to be detailed so that even newer woodworkers could build from it. I wouldn’t ever bother to add them for my own projects.

Good deal. Glad that helped.

I did explode them but it didn’t make any difference. Not sure what I was doing wrong there.

No, I was just experimenting to make my model more realistic. Not required at all.

Thanks again for all the time you give this community.

Could you share the .skp file so I can see what you’ve got going on?

You’re quite welcome.

Firebox Console_Pocket_Joints_200810-00.skp (210.3 KB)

So your pocket hole components haven’t been exploded within the group. You can see that when you open the group for editing and select the pocket holes.

You need to explode the pocket hole components to raw geometry so when the group is opened for editing, all you have is loose geometry.

Understood. Sorry, this file was the original before exploding them. I will try it again and see what happens just for the exercise of learning something.

BTW, do you use an app to grab those screen shots?

Make sure you also explode the Cylinder component in there or delete them. Once those are also taken care of you should get something like this.

I converted the groups to components and copied them to make a more efficient cut list.
Screenshot - 8_11_2020 , 3_16_35 PM

There do seem to be some dimensions that need attention.

I use a freeware app called Screen Captor for screen shots. It includes an editor that can sometimes be useful.

Yes. I am designing around the firebox insert and some of my dimension got tweaked a bit somehow. I will see if I can fix them.

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re: Screen shots (click to expand ...)

Windows 10 has a snipping tool built-in. It’s on the “Windows Accessories” submenu.
I long since added a shortcut to my taskbar.

I had no idea. Seems easy enough to use. Thanks, Dan.

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