Issue starting Sketchup with one user

I have a very strange issue with a single user. I work IT for an architecture company and if I remote into his connection, using windows remote desktop or our local remote software VNC, and try to boot up Sketchup 2021, it has no problem at all and starts up fine. I have even re-installed it multiple times, trying on his profile, trying on mine, and every time he tries to run it on his end, it get a Bug splat and does not boot up, the software will not produce issues with the bug splat, when we click on copy details or whatever it’s called on the bugsplat report, it copies nothing and is blank. I have re-built his windows profile (deleted his registry keys and his user profile) and re-installed the program on his profile, and it seems no matter what we do he cannot run it on his end. I know that if I connect to his computer and run it under my credentials it will run different, but I don’t understand why it’s bugging out when he logs in only.

EX: I will remote into his computer on our network with his credentials, and I can run Sketchup fine. I ask him to do the same, and it bug splats and does boot up.

I have deleted App data, I have deleted local data, I have deleted Registry entries and I can’t seem to figure out what is causing this!

Version of sketchup is 21.0.391

I feel like I have done everything except reformat windows on the computer, is there anything else I can try that someone can suggest? Thank you!

One possibility is that when you remote in it is running on your graphic card, but when he runs it it is using his graphic card, normally that works the other way around and it fails on the remote.
What is his graphic card, and does he have more than one and have you updated the drivers for it?

In the past we have had issues with the onboard graphics card taking over priority and not booting up sketchup 19 because it is running off onboard instead of the main one. Looks like his Nvidia drivers are not the most recent.*edit

So that is a great thought, I will try to disable his onboard Gfx before running sketchup and see if that can resolve the issue and start up, as well as update his Gfx drivers. Thanks for the suggestion.

Update the drivers for the Nvidia and set it to be used to run Sketchup.

Thank you, I will give that a try first before the onboard disable, would be a better solution so the computer is not always running on the Quadro.

Recent Windows 10 messes with the nvidia settings, it’s battery settings prevail over the nvidia ones.
So check the battery settings in Windows as well.