Issue starting sketchup switches back to classic license

We were using a network license for 2019, then switched over to subscriptions. We now use 2021 and every once and a while when we open sketchup it tries to use a classic license and fails. My users have to click the Subscription license option and use their logins and sketchup opens, but it’s becoming a nuisance. Why does it keep switching back? We never had a network license (or classic) for 2021.

How was the 2019 network deployed? Did you use the activation_info.txt?
There might be some remnants in the ProgramData on some machines.
Or some did the activation manually, which should set a SketchUp.lic file in the AppData of that user.
Was 2019 uninstalled? Or just wiped out?

I did use a activation_info.txt file for 2019. We were switched over to subscription before we installed 2021, so we never used an activation file. It could be possible 2019 is still installed on some machines, I will have to look. If an activation_info.txt file exists in ProgramData for 2021 (if it got transferred over from 2019) can I just delete it?

Yes and any SketchUp.lic files can be deleted, too

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