Issue Importing & Intersection DWG files




i’m somewhat at a loss on importing some simple icons into my model. I created a simple DWG file and import to emboss. However I feel I get different results every time I “Intersect” the imported component with my model.

It seems the three (3x) times I imported the same DWG file I got three different results and not sure why that could be?

Sensitivity.dwg (7.5 KB)

Any suggestion or direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


I imported your file. It works quite OK if I use Meters as the import unit. The original seems to be quite small, and was drawn using Splines. This results in SketchUp splitting te curves into an unnecessarily large number of very small segments if Millimeters, Centimeters or Inches are used, and therefore creating a face becomes impossible. You can use a large import unit, create your model and finally use the Scale tool or the Tape Measure to scale it down to the final size.

sensitivity.skp (137.9 KB)


Ah! - Thanks
Will get on that right away - much appreciated.