ISO SketchUp pro in Greenwich CT area

Hi, I’m an interior decorator looking for a SketchUp pro to measure and SketchUp some rooms in an empty home that my clients bought and has just been vacated. We would of course observe social distancing!


Rather than spend two days taking measurements inside the house, it might be quicker (and less expensive) to capture (and digitize) the interior using Matterport. And indeed the seller may have used a Matterport 3D walk-through to help sell the house … in which case the Matterport point cloud already exists. Regardless, a Matterport point cloud is one product of the whole process … and that point cloud can be used to generate an accurate SketchUp model of the interior of the house.

Several advantages of this workflow:

  1. You are not limited to local SketchUp talent … because the modeler does not have to visit he job site to build an accurate model.

  2. When questions arise during the interior design process, they can be answered by revisiting the Matterport point cloud … with no additional trips to the job site required. This might be particularly useful if your client(s) are not in Greenwich.

  3. Since the real estate industry is driving Matterport … capturing (and digitizing) the interior is relatively quick and inexpensive. Local contractor/photographers with this capability are easy to find … just search for: matterport photographers in greenwich ct.


E. Godsey

Wow, thank you so much! I had no idea about that but it sounds like a great solution!

I’m an architect in New Haven county, so Greenwich is a bit of a trip, but not out of the question. I’ve done projects in Norwalk, for example. If your time frame is urgent, I’m kind of over committed at the moment, but I don’t expect that to last too much longer.

As egodsey mentioned Matterport is a good solution for visuals but I would be weary of using the point cloud or obj for accurate measurements for manufacturing anything…

This link is for a matterport scan of a building in london.

One of the red tags within the matterport tour has a link to a model created in sketchup and enscape using the obj output from matterport and has a model of the new stairs within that. (all messy and unfinished as just testing the capabilities)

Direct link to Sketchup/Enscape model


OK, good to know as I weigh the different options. Thank you for your insight!

Thank you. My time frame is urgent but if there are any delays I will keep you in mind. Best of luck in these crazy times!

To follow up on the Matterport point cloud approach … here is a link to an example that includes views of both the input and the output.

I mention this because the examples @shaunjoy86 mentioned only show the “visual” part of the Matterport capturing (and digitizing). He/she makes a good point … you would not want to commission any cabinetry or furniture based solely on a SketchUp model derived from a Matterport point cloud. But then you probably would not commission any cabinetry or furniture based solely on ANY SketchUp model … regardless of how it was generated. In my experience cabinet makers, guys who furnish granite counter tops, et cetera … typically they don’t mind quoting from drawings … but when it comes to actually make something … they come out and make their own measurements … regardless of how detailed the shop drawings are.


E. Godsey

Very, very true which is why despite the valid concerns ShaunJoy mentioned, I am going ahead with your suggestion and having the house captured with Matterport asap. THANK YOU very much for your help!! Best regards.