Is Trimble down?

I emailed support, only to be sent a auto-reply saying to not bug them. ‘Use a form instead’. So I sent them the form which asked such pressing technical questions like how many employees we had… ummm OK along with terms that seemed like an NDA lol.

Filled out and sent the form only to get the response shown below.

Just wondering if this is a wide outage, or more local, or if it is just affecting me. I can log into my account info, but not Trimble where my files are.

Thanks for any replies :slight_smile:

What is the url of the webpage where you are filling out a form?

I ended up replying to an old support issue to get past their ‘wall’ and I have already received a reply. Which is either super impressive or a bot.

It suggested another way to access Trimble files. Which is working, but original problem is still there. I can’t access Trimble files from within the SU app.

Technical Support | SketchUp Help is the exact link

Just a follow up. It now seems to be up and running OK. No idea what caused it.

I suspect something to do with their servers at some level.

Tech support was very prompt, which was VEREY much appreciated, although I am now even more cautious about the whole cloud/subscription philosophy they have. It put a pretty big hole in my day…