Is This Possible on Sketchup

This is a little thing that came with a printer at my school. The companies logo is on that back of the object but it is on the same surface, like its not engraved or extruded, the lines that the printer normally makes to make something made a symbol, how would you do something like this on sketchup? Like the basics of it if it is possible would be nice.

I don’t get it. Why use a 3D modeling program and a 3D printer to produce a 2D design?


Yes, it’s possible. Draw out the design on a planar surface then use the Push Pull tool to give the design a little depth.

The pattern is generated by the 3D slicing software. There were small gaps in the model (green lines in picture) and the slicing program was set to create 2 loops around those gaps…

It would look nice to have designs on something without it being extruded all the time in my opinion.

Quite true. I would say that people have been making designs on 2D media for thousands of years. I’m a big fan of 2D art work.

So the question remains: why use a process whose purpose is to produce extruded 3D objects if you want to produce a 2D design? There are far more effective 2D media you could use which are easier and less expensive than 3D printing. Your design is terribly mismatched to the intended medium. That sort of mismatch seldom yields a favorable outcome.