Is this design solid/good enough to get it 3D printed


This design, is it 3D printable or should I adjust it to get it printed?

VerloopStuk-explode _SUForum.skp (274.7 KB)

You need to fix face orientation on the reversed faces and get rid of some internal face.

Thats quick.
Thank you.
Will try that tommorrow morning.

Iā€™d be inclined to start over and avoid the messy geometry on the inside. Probably easier to deal with than repairing the bad stuff. I think this has come up before in your threads but you need to get in the habit of drawing circles on axis.

When you get it modeled cleanly, it should look like this inside.

All the faces will be oriented correctly and when you make it a component or group, Sketchup will indicate it is solid.