Is there way to use scaling image as material?

Hey, I am doing a model of a building where I want effortlessly mark toilets and elevators with their own icons. I want my texture to scale with face where it’s painted. I know I could do it one by one with “Import as texture” but that’s too much work for large scale building with many objects. Is there a way to do this?

Cheers, Tuomas

use scale definition on a component (right click context menu) after scaling and the material will return to its normal scale

Not really sure what you mean. You are suggesting making a component which I copy with the material on? The problem is that the areas are different in sizes since I’m doing it from a blueprint. The way I’m looking for, is just to color an area (no matter the size) and my picture would scale to the face.

@Thomps, maybe a plugin would make it possible to automate the process.
But you could drag and drop the icon’s image to faces that need the specific icon.
Drag, (don’t copy!) per face and the icon will stick to the face.
Next you can easily move and scale each icon to best match the face it sticks to.
*.png images with transparency can also be used this way, to “see through”.

Note that these images also stick to faces in groups or components from outside their contexts, i.e. they can stick to a lower level face.

@Thomps, note that when scaling the image, its green side grips will snap to the face it is placed on. This makes adjusting the image size quite easy.

Example: (two different images sticking to a group, one with transparency)

Thanks for these tips! I’ll give this a try.