Is there anything special about a terrain surface made with sandbox?

I am having trouble editing and adding to surfaces i made ( to represent terrain) with sandbox.

are these entities just lines and faces just like any other things i can make with the draw tool? why do i have to turn on hidden geometry to see the ‘folds’ in the triangles? they arent really hidden from my view.

simple example: i want ot extend some terain (eg adding a sideyard to a front yard). do i have to use the sandbox again (ie draw some lines and then use ‘from contours’) or can i just add my own surface triangles using the draw tool ?


As long as you go into the editing context of the group you can add to it what ever you want.


thx. but why are there dotted lines on the triangles even when the triangles are not hidden ? is terrain a special type of entity (different from edges and faces)?

Dotted and dashed lines are hiden and softened respectively. They show when View > Hidden Geometry is turned on although they are not “visible.”

Terrain is made of ordinary edges and faces.


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Look to the top menus in SketchUp.
Try … View > Hidden Geometry

Hidden Geometry OFF

Hidden Geometry ON

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thanks All.
i still cant seem to edit and add/extend to an existing surface (by drawing more faces at its edges). the only way im able to add to a surface is to …

  1. create new contour lines
  2. create a new surface (group)
  3. combine the 2 groups into 1 group with a littany of operations (edit group , select all, cut, close, paste in place., etc

where might i be going wrong?

Your terrain is inside a group (as you just said). You must get into the context of the terrain group before you can add to it or otherwise edit it.

Why not just explode your terrain group so it’s easier to work on and add to? Just be sure to regroup whatever you end up with.


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