Is there any part that can show the goove mark to be cut in the pannel

Is there any part that can show the groove mark to be cut in the panel?

In the above picture I have a grove can I someway mark the groove in the cutting diagram in open Cutlist.

Thanks in advance.

@boris.beaulant Can you please answer this query? Thanks in advance.

But you could make notation on the component description to identify those panels that have the dado.


Isnt that too comlicated…

It doesn’t have to be complicated. The method depends on the version of SketchUp.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please correct your profile.

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Done doing it…

Thank you.

Since cutlists only report the dimensions of the object’s bounding box, you need to find another way to show the details. You could lay out copies of the parts so you can create a proper construction plan and add dimensions or labels. You might also consider using exploded views with labels to call out the details. It depends on the project and the audience. If you are designing the project so you can build it, you probably won’t need to add that much information. If you are creating plans for others to work from you have to provide much more information. Figure out what the audience is and what information they need.



Cutting diagram’s goal is to cut parts in the main sheet. It’s not the best place to display extra data to list machining tasks.

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