Is there an "Objects In Scene" list?

I would like an “Objects In Scene List” to more easily find and select an object from ANYWHERE in the scene - even when “off camera”.

Also, I noticed that turning a vRay light into a Component (trying to use the Component Window for selection purposes) I am no longer able to edit the Light properties.

So how can I manage objects in the scene from a list?

Have you discovered SketchUp’s outliner (Window → Outliner)?
It lists all grouped objects and component instances, no matter whether they are visible or hidden. You can search by name, edit them and toggle visibility.

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OUSTANDING! Thank you soooooo much Aerilius! :grinning:

It is a cool feature and will allow you to drag and drop groups or components into (nest) each other. If you built a stud wall as a component and have a window or door that is a group or component on another wall. You can insert the object into it or remove it from here. So not having to cut or paste and open it to edit it.