Is there an easier way to draw a line between two 3D "slabs"?

I have two 3D “slabs” - that is, large rectangles in xy, with shallow push along z. Define a “front” face of each slab. I would like to draw a line between an arbitrary point in the “front” face of one slab to an arbitrary point in the “front” face of the other slab. Assume I have some texture on each “front” face and am drawing a line between two points on the textures.

I can do this by creating a line in each of the two “front” faces, the line passing through the desired points on the corresponding textures, and drawing a line between appropriate points on each line, then delete the original lines. This requires 10 mouse clicks plus clicks to hide and unhide slabs.

This is a lot of clicks for something seemingly simple, especially if I have to do a lot of this sort of thing. Is there an easier way to do this?

Here is a picture of the result.

Assume the slabs have tags. Essentially, how can I “tell” sketchup that now the pencil point is in the face of tag 1 and now it is in face of tag 2? I suppose I could enter xyz values, but that is not necessarily any easier.

If you activate the line tool and hover the cursor over a face, you should see an “on face” inference snap. Click there and then move the cursor to the desired point on the other face and again wait for the on face inference then click again. You will have to orbit to see the other side of the second slab unless you have xray turned on. I find that orbit is more reliable than using xray because it avoids getting any snaps to things you can see through the slab due to the xray.


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It works perfectly. Thank you.

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