Is there an attribute that can record Component Insertion (import) date/time?

Hi folks

Often I will import files//components into SketchUp.
When I am being careful, I will add the current date to the Component Definition or Instance name.
However sometimes this doesn’t happen, especially if things come through third parties.

It would be super excellent to be able to view the Date that a Component was added to the Model.

Is there a hidden Attribute that is something like Date Imported or Date Created?

Or could this be added a new Feature?

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Here is an idea:
(Note: Before you try, make sure you have a backup, just in case, I don’t think it will harm, but as always no warranties, use at your own risk!)
See animation also.

Copy paste the code snippets below into Ruby console and hit Enter.
From now on, when you create, insert, import, make unique a component, the insertion date will be entered automatically into the Advanced Attributes of the definition URL field.
This will happen in a current session. To get rid of it, restart SketchUp.

Code snippets :

class DezmoDefinitionsObserver < Sketchup::DefinitionsObserver
  def onComponentAdded(defns, defn)
      defn.attribute_dictionaries["SU_DefinitionSet"]["Url"] =