Is there a way to use Conditional Formatting on an Attribute?

I’m trying to flag up an issue for users who make a door too wide for it’s height.

I got the following working:

and this gives the users this output:


But it’s one of a long list of attributes that the user will be looking at, and I’d really like to flag it up for the user by making “Yes” red while leaving “No” black.

I’ve tried this:

But it just results in:


Is it just a question of semantics?

Many thanks,

The description attribute will allow embedded HTML. Not sure if any others will.

Regardless, most HTML elements also require a closing tag. ie … </font> in your case.

Thanks Dan.

I’ve tried using:

but it just gives me

so you may be right about attributes not allowing html.

In which case is there a way to embed formal such as this in the Description? Guessing probably not …

Do you want to color text in the dropdown? I guess that is not possible. You can have some HTML formatting in the labels:

ProjectInfo.skp (43.5 KB)

Thanks Mike. It was the attribute text boxes rather than the attribute drop down boxes I wanted to conditionally colour. I want the text in them to go red under certain conditions. Any other example would be LenX - it would be good it it went red if it was over 100cm for example.
But either way I think your answer applies.
Many thanks!