Is there a way to transfer my forum activity to a new account?

I really would appreciate it…

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Can anyone help this guy?

Not sure. He seems to have multiple personalities.


A moderator should be able, but it is quit early in Boulder.

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I don’t think they ‘quit early’ (leave work early) in Boulder. But it is ‘quite early’ there!

Isn’t it a long weekend?

Thanksgiving. Most companies give Thursday and Friday off, unless they work in retail and their shops are open on Black Friday (today).

I would expect Trimble to be closed, yesterday and today.

Back on Monday.

Yeah… office is closed until Monday. @Jody should be able to answer for certain, but I believe you can rename your account… not sure about moving history from one account to another, though…

The usual methods, viewed from this side of the fence, have been to ask for a name change and/or ask for an email address reset. Not sure I have ever seen anyone create a new account and want the history from another account swapped over.


This would be pretty cool, if the email for lineargraphs could be switched to the one for Braden York. Basically, I just want the email switched. Might be a problem though. I changed the SketchUp account owner to the braden York email. And i use SketchUp to sign into this forum on both the accounts, not the email itself… My situation is confusing to me. Hopefully we can figure this out.

Is there a way i can get a MOD to help me out?

@jody appears to still be out today. He would be the one who knows if it’s possible.

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Are y’all like, in the same building? o.O How do you know that? haha

We are almost all still working remote. It can be tricky to keep on top of everyone and their remote work schedule.

What Aaron said, but also we were in a meeting this morning where Jody was due to speak, and someone declared that he was out today.

You can’t transfer account behavior to a new account but we can change the username. Are you wanting a new name, or are you wanting to use a different email address?

I usually sign in using SketchUp but since I have transferred my subscription to another email address, I can’t use the linear graphs account the way that I’d like to because I’m signed in with a different SketchUp account. It would be great if somehow when I sign in using SketchUp using the Braden York email address it would sign in to the linear graphs forum account. I’m not sure how that’s achieved but it would seem like it’s just an email address change but is there a problem with the linear graphs forum account Bing hooked up to the linear graphs email which was used to create the initial SketchUp account with Trimble?

You do know, right, that your forum sign in here has no connection to your SketchUp/Trimble user account?

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Even if the account was created with the sign-in with SketchUp button?

*Ahem… my friend here just realized he could sign in with his email…

thanks dave

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