Is there a way to see if an image in 3dwarehouse is 2d or 3d?

I downloaded my first image from the 3dwarehouse , I picked one of the cars as it looked most real (like an image, the others more like cartoon style), but was disappointed as it was 2d within my file.
Did I do something wrong and if not why is there a 2d image of a car in there? Not really useful right?

There are loads of 2d images in the warehouse. They are very commonly used to populate presentation models for 2d output to hold the place 3D objects. They look fine when used right and make the file much much smaller and more manageable.

Look at the Bounds of the model in the 3D Warehouse. If one of the sizes is zero, it’s a flat car e.g. 0 x 371 x 155. This won’t work for components that have the ‘always face the camera’ setting as their bounds are big enough to contain all rotations of the component.