Is there a way to save layers to a new file in SUP

Is there a way I could save certain layers from the Sketchup model to a new file.
Thanks Steve Z.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but “save certain layers” sounds to me like you don’t yet understand what SketchUp’s layers do. They are purely and only a mechanism to simultaneously control visibility (and color if the current Style has modeling->color by layer checked) of an arbitrary set of geometry. They do not create any sort of unit from that geometry and do not isolate it from interaction with other geometry, even geometry that is currently hidden because its layer is hidden. SketchUp uses Groups and Components for those purposes.

Yes, this is different from how most other applications use the word “layer”, and it is an endless source of confusion for new SU users with experience in those other apps.

With the risk that it might do other than what you want, here’s one way:

  • Use File->Save Copy As to create a duplicate. This will contain both all your existing geometry and all your existing layers
  • In the copy, use the layers window to select and then delete the layers you don’t want to retain. A dialog will ask what you want to do with the geometry associated with those layers. Click the delete contents option.

I must note that, based on what I wrote above, that this dialog and option are highly misleading as they create the impression that the layers “contain” the entities, which is not correct. A correct thought pattern would be “don’t just make the entities that reference this layer invisible, delete them”.

thank you, Got a lot to learn.