Is there a way to make a correction simultaneously to each stair in a staircase of a floor plan?


I did a staircase with the line tool and push/pull tool, but made the risers too high. Is there any way of doing a bulk edit and changing them all simultaneously to the correct height?


Only if they are all instances of the same component definition.

On further thought, If you select all the steps and risers then select the Scale Tool. Grab the top center handle and scale by desired height/current height. This will effect the depth of the tread but maybe not to much.


You can develop a single stair tread/riser as a component when modeling a stair. Then the component may be duplicated and assembled into the appropriate stair configuration. This will permit you to easily modify the stair component, should the need arise, simply by editing the component.


This extension may help. Select all the faces, drag up, then enter the desired distance.


You should have a look at this video for the component part…


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