Is there a way to get updates on a topic?

I would like to get updates on specific topics in the forum that I have been following closely. It’s not too big of a deal to search up the topics individually and see if there have been updates. But is there a better way?

I specifically look at Medeek’s extension topics and one from Curic just to see how their work is progressing with the tools. It would be cool if there was a place where all the topics I have “pinned” are, with little number dots on them telling me if there are replies I haven’t seen yet.

Is there such a feature? If not, why? :frowning:

You should be able to use the dropdown option (below the ‘Reply’ button and above ‘Suggested Topics’) button to change your alerts on a given thread from ‘Normal’ to ‘Watching’. Let me us know if you don’t see that!

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And in your account settings, you can opt to receive emails when a new reply is added.

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In the upper right of the page is your avatar, and that will show a blue number for the topics you have been following that have an update, and a green number to show any private messages that have arrived since you last looked. Here for example you can see I have two topics to check:


Clicking on the avatar will give a drop down list of your recently viewed topics, and the ones that are new have a blue backdrop.

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Can I bookmark a topic?

If you click the three dots next to the reply button, there is a bookmark this post option.

As Colin says, bookmark the specific post with the dots, or bookmark the whole thread with the big Bookmark button at the bottom.


Indeed, I saw the bookmark for a specific reply as @colin described, but I found what you have shown on accident! Thanks, everyone!

Thanks for that. I guess I never scroll that far down the page.