Is there a way to created a snap on point in A DC and is there an unselecting a DC event

I am creating a CD that has some elements where other object or geometry should snap on. Like anchor points on a certain object and the snap a drawing line onto that.

Like snapping a line to a Square in a flowchart program.
Is this posible?

Is there a way to get an event when a DC is unselected? This DC self or in a Ruby plugin?

probably use both DCs and Ruby, DC to hold data and allow some manual changes, scripts to help place and any other time savers

some ideas,

  • components are inserted at their axis point, a DC can move the geometry position in relation to this axis

  • guide points could be included on a layer that maybe visible in a scene, these points could be dynamic parts, the scene change to show only the functional shape and snap points

  • a ruby script could access the DC folders, after selection and perhaps some attribute change. the script scales and rotate the elements as required rather than trying to use the move/rotate/scale tools
    I use an adaption of the ruby line tool example to place beams as simply as one would draw a line

  • one could set up a DC parent file, where one inserts children, which would automatic move to a known or relative position after a redraw of the parent. The parent file holds the global attributes, so like a ceiling height, then all wall frames default to this height, change the global height then all change.

still thinking…

Good thinking!! Thank you

That give some idea’s!

Like you wrote, using both is the best way, more control. But did hope…

To keep things together, maybe I can add a skp component in the ruby script sub folder and move that under the cursor with every time a new reference ( and keep it saved ) to that DC ( then I need to check with every script action if the reference is still valid, other wise remove the ref if it is not anymore in the clipb ).

Btw, This DC/Ruby script is currently for Utility parts, tanks and other devices. I would love to draw a line from anchor ‘out’ device 1 snapping to anchor ‘in’ on device 2.

This actually requires a plugin as this is not yet a built-in feature.

This is the only one I know of (at this time.):