Is there a way to convert an external reference component into a regular component?

Is threre a way to convert an external reference component into a regular editable component? This would unlink the external reference, but should keep the component geometry in the SketchUp file

What is an external reference component and a standard editable component for you?

A standart component would be the ones you do in SketchUp.
An external reference component would be the ones you bring through Trimble Connect.

This kind of workflow (working with external references) allow several people or teams to work on the same file at once. I usually work with external references in complex projects like a masterplan or large building developments

You must be referring to Autocad XREF type components. I don’t think there is a direct equivalent in Sketchup, though there may well be workarounds.

You can insert external references (xref) in SketchUp through Trimble Connect.

OK. I don’t use Trimble Connect.

So if someone updated C2a.skp, for example, it would also alter in any file you downloaded it to?

To do that you have to press the right-down button from my last picture. It updates all references in the SketchUp file.

Are you able to upload, say, C2a.skp here or would I have to go to Trimble Connect to get it? I just wonder how a file with .skp filetype can be radically different from any other.

Trimble Connect is fully integrated with SketchUp. Once you update references, the SketchUp gets the last updated version of the referenced model from Trimble Connect.

You can do all these operations without leaving SketchUp. If you want to update C2a.skp you should open that file, do whatever changes you want and save it using the button “publish model to trimble connect”.
Then go to any file that uses that xref and update the references. That’s all.

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Did you notice this thread?

The only way to convert the external reference is to download the reference and simply import it in the ‘Master’ file. [menu] File > Import

It will loose the alignments that are saved in the cloud, so depending how it’s internal axis are, you might need to position it when inserting.
It will then be a ‘regular’ SketchUp component and won’t be notified when the original is updated.
You can than delete the reference in the collaboration manager for it is now inside the master file or leave it to compare with the one that you imported.

It would be nice if you could ‘Publish as’ (regular) Components to the project directly, though…
Kind of how you can now ‘Save As’ in the context menu to a collection or folder.

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Hi Mike, thank you so much for your answer.
I think there’s no need to import a new file to do that. If you have the reference inserted, then you can go to Components in model (the house icon on the Components tab) and there you can find the referenced components. So you can insert them and then, place it at 0;0;0 (the postition atributes of Dynamic Components could be really handy for this).
That’s the way I’m currently doing it, but it’s an unintuitive and long process to be useful. I’d love a quick way to do this.