Is there a way to auto resize the window for a view when scale changes?

When I insert a SketchUp view in Layout I most always have to set the scale to something smaller than what it comes into the Layout with originally. When I do that the bounding box for the view stays the same and does not downsize with the view. It is getting to be a bit irritating to have to always manually resize the bounding box for a given view since I have a lot of views to import. Is there a way to do that more automatically? Is there perhaps a way to insert a view with a given scale so that the bounding box comes in directly with the proper scale?

Set up one viewport the way you like it, then copy and paste it for more. On the pasted viewport, simply change the scene you’re referencing, and you’re all set.

That approach works up to a point. It seems to presuppose that everything I want to put into layout is in the same drawing file though. I don’t see a way to reuse a copied window for something from another drawing file. Also some of the different views vary quite a bit in size from each other.

You can always for a particular view just link the viewport to another sketchup file with the link button.