Is there a replacement for PutOnLayer for 2016?

In previous Sketchup versions I used a ruby script called PutOnLayer, that moved all entities and their nested elements of a group to one layer. Is there a comparable extension in 2016?


Maybe you could just use PutOnLayer? :smiley:

I did not think that ruby scripts worked on 2016?

All plugins and extensions use Ruby scripts. What made you think they don’t work in SU2016?

As @DaveR noted, all SketchUp extensions and plugins have always used Ruby and still do.

Perhaps what confused you was the oft-repeated advice to download and install fresh copies of extensions when you move to a new version of SU. Sometimes the new version of SU brings a new version of Ruby (as well as API changes) that may (not will) break old extensions and plugins. So if you simply copy ruby files from a prior release of SU you run the risk that they may not yet be compatible. Many will be fine, others will fail.

Thanks, yes, I did not realize that extensions used Ruby, I was under the impression not to use old ruby scripts, so I was just wondering if there was an extension update to it since I could not find anything.