Is there a option/way in SU to stack components/tags like in Layout

Hello everyone

I make technical floor plans for events and I have a question. I first describe my working method.

I first import an empty location map.

then I import components. SU place this on the map. Only the map and components are on the same level. So the components are in conflict with the map. as you see in de pictures i placed a tent but you cant see the colors of the tent.

So my question is, is there a possibility to set up components / tags so that (like layers in Layout and PhotoShop) they are stacked on top of each other. And not be linked together.

Thanks in advance.

Gr, Bas

Sketchup is a 3 dimensional environment and everything works in 3d space. So the simple answer is no.
You need physical separation to have visual separation.

Some options:

  • Use 3-dimensional components
  • Place your components slightly above the map
  • Make your 2D components “cutting” ones and place them directly on the faces of your map

I have and use some 3d components. the problem is by the 2D components.
I already place the 2D slightly above the map, but that is the problem. I use alot of them and thats way i ask my question :wink: Because this is asking alot of time the put every component slitghly above the map.

What do you mean with cutting?

Thank you for your answer

When you create a component one option is to make it a cutting component. This mean when you set the cutting plane and place it on a flat face it will remove the face behind it. This only works on single flat faces.


Oke, Thanks.

I will try this :wink:

Another way would be to create a plane just above your map and make the surface see-through (0% opacity). Then you can place things on it but when viewed from above in parallel projection, you will just see the components and the map below.


Thanks, this solution is easy and quick.


If it’s your preferred solution, could you mark it as such?