Is there a modifier to turn cardinal points off?


Not a big deal, but a few times since cardinal points have been introduced I have modeled a quick circle and wanted immediately to move it into position using the move tool ( I can hear DaveR saying I should have drawn it in place, and he’s right). But of course I’m unable to grab the circle from it’s “top” node with the move tool as instead it just resizes the circle, I thought maybe shift would let me move while grabbing a cardinal point but no, still resize. Group / component solves this of course. Perhaps this gets logged with the other feature requests for a way to suspend or limit the inference engine at times.


Pre-select the circle and you can grab it anywhere with the Move tool without worrying about the cardinal points…

And yes, I would probably tell you to draw it in place but that depends upon exactly what you’re drawing.


Right, quick step in between, easy. Thanks.


FWIW, I frequently prefer to pre-select an entity before Moving it even when cardinal points aren’t involved. By pre-selecting, you don’t even have to grab the thing with the Move tool at all which can make it easier to get the proper move references.