Is the full extensionpackage S4U worth it?

I have previously used the S4U extension, export scenes, which for me is an indispensable feature. I have now bought skethcup pro on another account and need to buy the extension again. But I’m not sure if I should just buy this extension ($30) or if I should buy the full package for 199$. Is the full package worth it?

Only you can answer that question for you. Maybe you need all those extensions for the kind of work you do and the way you work. Maybe not.

Will you still be using the extension under the email you use in the forum? If you are not planning to use SketchUp with that email, there is a way for us to transfer ownership of your paid extensions to your new email address.

Your Pro subscription seems to be under the same email address, and so the extension should continue to work.

Dave, you are so right. But I cant answer that yet :grinning:

Colin. Great info. That means no rush regarding buying the full package of extensions.

Thanks for a great and active forum :pray: :pray:

You can get a trial version of the plug-ins, use them and you will discover if they’re worthy for you, s4u has a subscription and a lifetime licensing system, if after trying the plug-ins you’re still not sure you could get subscription licenses that are cheaper, the entire package with all the extensions was 50 dollars while the lifetime was 200 dollars. Personally I have two s4U extension that are very useful for me, the s4u components and s4u connect, I haven’t tried the rest so I can’t give you an opinion of the entire bundle

Realistically, considering your only other post to the forum, A ball with a recess. Possible? I would suggest you avoid using Extensions until you have a better grasp of the fundamentals. Only then can you make informed decisions about what is a useful extension that will enhance your workflow rather than just the only way you know how to do it.